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fingering charts for those in need

These tabs were all drawn by me using illustrator. Any errors are accidental, and any differences in fingering is a matter of opinion. To all beginners that have just started using tabs, a plus below a notation means it should be played in the upper octave. SAVE THE PICTURE to your hard drive to view it in FULL SIZE. I claim no rights to any of the music described by these fingering tabs. If you use the charts in any way (except just playing them), at least give me credit for them.

lord of the rings

This is the fingering chart to the Lord of the Rings theme. The tabs are written by me and are thus not necessarily accurate to the movie's music, but I think it is. Unless your screen's resolution is high enough, you'll need to save the image to your hard drive to view it in full size.

Kagome's theme

Here is Kagome's theme. This is such a beautiful tune and I'm thankful to know it.

Princess mononoke

This is a two page setup of the Princess Mononoke theme. I hope you enjoy it!
and here!

Devil's Dance Floor

Here is Devil's Dance Floor by Flogging Molly. That thing at the end is a roll involving a half hole. It can be played differently, but if you're intending to do a roll, that is the easiest way. No, playing that chart right there will not get you through the entire song, but those are the biggest parts. The only part not shown here is where the singer says "the devil's dance floor!"

The irish washerwoman

Finally, a jig. This is a very difficult piece in my opinion. Not only are there some fast alternations, there are almost no breathing spots. Well, here it is, and enjoy!

Castle in the Sky

This is the theme song from the Ghibli Studios film "Castle in the Sky", also known as "Laputa". It's a really great movie. I am torn between this movie and "Princess Mononoke" as my favorite Miyazaki film. The song is so incredibly beautiful in the movie, sung by a choir during the final scene. The harmony is pure genius, and it's unfortunate that I can't find the recording they used in the movie, because the soundtracks don't do it any sort of justice. There are differences that affect the mood of the whole piece. Anyway, here are the fingering charts for the melody of "Laputa". I claim no rights to this music, but if I did, I would be a happy man.

Theme from British Chronicles of Narnia

Here's the beginning part of the BBC chronicles of narnia theme. It's not the whole thing, as some parts get too low for the instrument.
It's the part I play in my video.

Brothers from Full Metal Alchemist

Here are the tabs for "Brothers" from Full Metal Alchemist. Great show, and excellent song. The movie was good too! It really wrapped everything up, I thought.

This part interjects in the middle of the song, and then everything repeats. Played on violins in my recording, but I think it sounds great on the pennywhistle.

Ashokan Farewell

These are the tabs to the song "Ashokan Farewell". Another favorite of mine, it was used as the intro theme to the PBS presentation of "The Civil War". These tabs don't play according to the real version, but instead correspond to the tin-whistle-friendly version that I played on youtube. I no longer use illustrator to draw the tabs, but use MS paint instead ><...sorry about the quality loss, but who cares? They are still functional.

Waka's theme

Waka's theme from the game "Okami" which I first played on the Wii. Very fun and addictive adventure game. Absolutely amazing. This song caught my attention the first time I heard it.

Lugia's theme

This is the fingering chart for Lugia's theme as it's played in my video. Really cool song!

Gusty Gardens

Hooray, a two-pager! Song from the "Gusty Gardens" level of Mario Galaxy 2. Tons of clipping on this one, because it's higher resolution. Save to your hard drive to view in full.
Page two!

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