Helio's Pennywhistle Page

fingering charts for those in need

This is a page about ceramic works that I have made! Mostly just pictures, and you can message "Helioignus" on youtube if you want more information. For those of you that don't know, ceramics is working with clay to form....whatever you want. The results are fired in a kiln when dry and can become quite durable, depending on what type of clay was used, and how hot the firing was. There are various other factors that I won't get into. After the initial firing, a layer of glaze is applied. The glaze layer is fired again, and in the kiln it forms a glass over the surface of the object. This seals the pores in the clay and keeps it free of bacteria.

This is from my second semester of trying to make ceramic pennywhistles. These have turned out MUCH better than my first tries, which are not shown on this page. Here is the first one before glazing.

Here's the glazed example of the first whistle! It turned out great; just like what I had hoped for.

This is the second whistle. The clear glaze that I used must have eaten all of the crimson stain that I mixed into it, because here you see it in plain old clear. What a pain. This one bent a little during firing, but I don't mind. They look good even when not in perfect symmetry, in my opinion.

These strange looking teapots (although they were not originally intended to be teapots) whistle when you pour from them instead of when they are ready to be poured. An ode to the ancient Peruvian whistling water vessels.

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